Picking a hammock size is very much a matter of personal preference and will depend on your size and intended use. Here is some information on what we had in mind when we designed each of our products to help you make your decision.

The Single Hammock is intended for use by a single person. It is extremely light and packs very small, making it useful as a day trip companion or bedding for a short trip. Unpacked, the hammock is 104 inches by 47 inches. In our experience, this hammock is comfortable for individuals up to 6 foot 4 inches. However, some people over 6 feet may prefer the extra room provided by the Single+ hammock.


The Single+ Hammock is built with longer camping trips and taller people in mind. Unpacked, the hammock is 116 inches by 63 inches. 

The Long Hammock will provide the most length for the tallest hammockers, as well as the best diagonal lay. Unpacked, the Long hammock measures 128 inches long by 63 inches wide. 

The Double Hammock is quite large and is intended for use with two people. It is also great for one person on long camping trips or very cold nights where extra room is necessary for the added insulation. Unpacked, the hammock is 116 inches by 85 inches.