We’re cutting out the middleman. It’s all about delivering the best product and price to you.

We design and build our hammocks using premium, hand-picked, certified, materials. The vast majority of our materials is Military Spec, even down to the non-load bearing thread! These wonderful materials are hand cut and sewn by skilled sewing machine operators in Alamo, TN.

All of this effort is to ensure our gear is something you will be proud to own and use, we know we sure are!

Unwilling to compromise our materials and build quality to meet margins required for retail sale, we decided to sell our gear directly to the people we care about most, our customers.

So what you’re getting for the price is far better than what you might find on a store shelf. You can kick your feet up and relax knowing that your hard-earned money went directly to excellent materials and build quality, and you bypassed the 50% to 100% retail store mark up.