Yes, you do!

We do not include a full suspension system with our hammocks because we think you should have the opportunity to customize your setup! We offer three different kinds of straps for your extensive suspension needs.

Tree Straps

For those looking to get started with a basic setup and just get out there already! Each strap is made of 5 feet of webbing (to wrap around the tree) and about 3 feet of Whoopie Sling (to attach to your hammock and adjust length).

Tree Straps+

These are catered to those wider-diameter trees. Each strap has 10 feet of webbing and the standard 3 or so feet of Whoopie Sling.

Tree Strap Extensions

Use this add-on to lend some extra length to your suspension, for those scenarios where the trees are just a bit too far apart. Two extensions adds 12 feet of length to your setup!